Where are the Pro-Business Democrats?

By Zachary Alexander on

Listening to Arianna Huffington attack the Obama Administration for not doing enough to grow jobs in America actually highlights the need for Pro-Business Democrats. In fact, a lot of very serious people would say that for too long the Democratic Party has only supported one side of the jobs debate. For those tasked with supporting sustainability, the challenge is how to approach the jobs debate post-Globalization.

The reason is that the post-Globalization jobs debate will be dominated by micro businesses (i.e. companies with 0-10 employees) not small businesses (i.e. 50-500 employees). Unfortunately, you can’t turn on the Sunday Talk shows without hearing some so-called guru talk about how collectively small businesses will drive job growth in the United States.  And how the Republican Party is the best party to represent small business concerns.

Conservatives in the Republican Party by definition are people who don’t want anything to change. In fact, they will actively oppose any changes to the status quo. Libertarians in the Republican Party believe that entrepreneurial innovation can only be released by getting the government out of the way, which is music to the ears of bottom feeding business owners who want the freedom to not only exploit their workers but also damage the environment.

For those tasked with supporting sustainability, organizing Pro-Business Democrats should center on advocating business policies that will help the competitiveness of desktop manufactures (i.e. members of the Maker Movement).  The intent is to bring democracy to the current business environment by opposing the “clubbiness” of the Republican Party. And highlighting the need for a Post-Globalization School of Thought, which values transparency.

Zachary Alexander