The Real Victims of Neoliberalism

By Zachary Alexander on

Few commentators on cable news talk about the role Neoliberalism has played in the global youth unemployment crisis.  A lot very serious people agree that youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb that will lead to crisis in upward mobility. For those tasked with supporting sustainability, solving youth unemployment represents a special opportunity to ensure the survivability of lesser industrialized communities.

With International Labour Organisation data showing worldwide youth unemployment at 12.7 percent – or 74.6 million people – in 2012, up about one percentage point from pre-crisis levels, the global problem is pretty clear. [1]

On the other hand, neoliberals like Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz would do away with the Department of Education in the face of the growing youth unemployment crisis. Most would agree that youth unemployment could be mitigated by the level of education attained by the job seekers. This would suggest that staying in school longer is the best way to combat youth unemployment.

A Post-Globalization School of Thought needs to be sensitive to the plight of youth unemployment. The Post-Globalization School of Thought should include an architecture that can be used to support young professionals and campus entrepreneurs. The good news is that the Maker Movement and desktop manufacturing provide a platform for creating these services for young people.

Zachary Alexander

[1] Dolan, M. Youth Unemployment Rise Threatens Global Economic Recovery, The Huffington Post