10 million Euros for low-pressure Hydrogen Convergence

By Zachary Alexander on

Traditionally, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have required high-pressure compressed hydrogen storage systems. And this meant outlays for very expensive high-pressure hydrogen infrastructure to fuel them. However, McPhy Energy has just announced that it closed a 10 million Euros (i.e. 13.2 million dollars) round of funding. This means that there is a commercial market for low-pressure hydrogen convergence starting to take form.

For those tasked with supporting sustainability, moving to low-pressure hydrogen infrastructure means that American do-it-yourselfers can be unleashed on the hydrogen convergence process. In America, the real innovators are the unaligned people who want to solve the sustainable transport puzzle or want to ensure that their community can continue to survive on its own terms or want to do it just for the fun of it.

The need to protect ones reputation is the most common reason that new innovation is killed. Reducing the cost of hydrogen infrastructure will make it more appealing to entrepreneurs and drive disruptive innovation. As we have published many times, neither evolution nor creative destruction takes prisoners. So, you and your peers can’t reason or guilt them. You’ve got to out run, out compete, out educate them.

Zachary Alexander