An Opportunity for Hydrogen Energy Storage

By Zachary Alexander on

A lot of very serious people like to talk about energy storage as a reason to fund more research on next-generation battery systems. Many of these people tend to confuse non-rechargeable batteries with rechargeable batteries. They don’t tend to connect battery power with energy production. Unfortunately, they see batteries as a magic device that delivers energy on-demand.

For those tasked with supporting sustainability, there needs to be a concern about the real limitations associated with using batteries as mission-critical energy storage like the narrow operating range. Pike Research points to another limitation, which is the need for a 19th-century mechanical modification to protect personnel at substations when engaging and disengaging the battery system. As you know, battery rooms are dangerous places.

This represents a real opportunity for hydrogen energy storage. Hydrogen Convergence will lead to not only advances in hydrogen fuel cell energy production. It will also mean the development of new electronic devices to manage massively-distributed power generation (MDPG) and hydrogen storage. Remember, neither evolution nor creative destruction take prisoners and the only defense is 21st-century innovation.

Zachary Alexander