DOE uncovers Opportunities in Fuel Cell Buses

By Zachary Alexander on

A lot of very serious people who read this new report on the current status of hydrogen fuel cell buses will see another reason why America shouldn’t invest in hydrogen convergence. They will read the main conclusion that fuel cell buses will cost twice as much to operate and declare the debate over. For those tasked with supporting sustainability, the Department of Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell bus report uncovers new opportunities for jobs growth.

Traditionally, the ebTDesign Forum has talked about fuel cell trucking as the big opportunity for hydrogen convergence in highly industrialized communities. We’ve talked about the potential cost savings in drayage trucking. However, this report shows why hydrogen fuel cell buses make sense for highly industrialized communities in America. The hydrogen fuel cell bus strategy is being adopted by cities in Europe, Asia, and Canada.

The reason that a lot of very serious people have trouble seeing the opportunities associated with hydrogen convergence is because they are viewing the world through pre-Globalization eyes. Many of these people still believe that peak oil is simply a boogeyman, that the Globalization process undermines jobs growth in America. And that black swans are the reason that senior managers miss big techno economic events.

The real challenge for those tasked with supporting sustainability is that neither evolution nor creative destruction takes prisoners. You can’t reason with either of them. You and your peers have to out run them. America has to out innovate them. So, opportunities like hydrogen fuel cell buses will determine the future of the United States Economic not holding on to the fossil fuel past.

Zachary Alexander