Regaining the Holiday Spirit after Friday’s School Shooting

By Zachary Alexander on

Generally speaking, this time of year is filled with thoughts about quality time spent with friends and family. However, Friday’s Newtown school shooting shattered the harmony that has been building since Thanksgiving. Unlike some on the fringes of mainstream media, we at the ebTDesign Forum think that you and your peers should fight as hard as possible to regain the Holiday Spirit (even it means putting on a happy face).

Members of the armed services understand this sentiment better than most because they constantly have to be willing to personally sacrifice in order to ensure the American way of life continues. While your eyes may still sting from tears for those who lost lives, you and your peers must redouble your efforts to bring holiday cheer to all you meet. And remind them that America is strong in spite of events like these not because of them.

This must not come to represent America. It is not routine and should not taint our collective psyche. You may find yourself hugging your children more tightly and cherishing their laughter a little more than usual this holiday season.  But, don’t forget that that communities are at  their best when they are lifting each other up after a tragedy and not looking for someone to blame. Have a Happy and Drama-free Holiday Season!!!

Zachary Alexander