Peak Oil’s contribution to Global Warming

By Zachary Alexander on

There is a big debate going on in America about the arrival of “peak oil” and its eventual impact. Some will say that peak oil has already arrived while others say that America is going through an oil-producing renaissance. For those tasked with supporting sustainability, the most under reported part of this debate is that the technology used to increase energy production also increase the amount of greenhouse gases released.

Peak oil implies declining oil reserves by definition. Given the importance of oil to the United States Economy, oil producers feel justified in using any technology available to tap the available non-traditional energy reserves without regard to environmental impact. You and your peers should question the maturity of these new technologies not only because of the proven release of greenhouse gases and because of the earthquake threat.

One of the main consequences of peak oil is an increase global warming. In fact, the European Union has already signaled a willingness to assess higher tariffs on products made from shale oil because they see shale oil as a super polluting product. This means that the United States Economy could be hurt by overzealous energy producers intent on exploiting cheap energy sources while increasing global warming.

Zachary Alexander