Senate Reinstates Funds for Hydrogen Convergence and All is Well

By Zachary Alexander on

After a couple of very tense months, the Senate Committee on Appropriations restored funding for the Hydrogen R&D program. We at the ebTDesign Forum would like to thank all those people who were responsible for putting America’s energy future back on track and setting us once more on the path to hydrogen convergence. Enjoy this moment of triumph because you have saved many working and middle class jobs that would have been lost if we had fallen behind the curve with our hydrogen innovation.

Tomorrow, we start the process of industry cluster empowerment. Community leaders and entrepreneur support partners need to be shown the value of home grown hydrogen innovation and the challenges of the post-Globalization marketplace. A new hydrogen technology roadmap needs to be drawn up that puts local communities back on the path to self-reliance and prosperity. Had the Congress not taken the actions they did, many in the working and middle class would have seen their chances for achieving the American Dream dimmed. Once again, on behalf the ebTDesign Forum we thank you.

Zachary Alexander
The IT Investment Architect®