Understanding the Fight For Hydrogen Convergence

By Zachary Alexander on

Many readers of the ebTDesign Forum are asking what is hydrogen convergence and why should they care. We would advise these community leaders to think of hydrogen convergence as the new Internet or as an emerging platform for economic growth. The fight is to restore funding for the hydrogen car because it is the killer application that moves the change needle on global warming.

This fight for economic freedom in the United States is not happening on the streets. It’s being waged in House and Senate appropriation meetings. Not knowing about this battle for American innovation is understandable because the mainstream media is not covering it. They are not waxing eloquently about yet another impediment to achieving the American Dream. However in the best tradition of neighbor helping neighbor, the Congressional markup process will be webcast live from the Rayburn House Offices at 7:00 PM on July 7, 2009.

The real tragedy is that the same communities that were bypassed by high-speed Internet have been left off the hydrogen convergence roadmap. In places where the hope for achieving the American Dream have dimmed, the Department of Energy has decided to take a wait and see attitude to energy leadership. Instead of championing industry cluster empowerment and making every community an energy producer, the Secretary of DOE has decided to oppose the research and development of American hydrogen car innovation.

Zachary Alexander
The IT Investment Architect®