The Ugly Truth about Battery Electric Vehicles (EV)

By Zachary Alexander on

As published this weekend, battery electric vehicles (EV) have the economic utility of a sports car without the range. Now Reuters is reporting that they don’t make sense from the automaker’s point of view either. Hybrid vehicles have never been really very popular and GM’s Chevy Volt is no exception. No news there. But, what’s news is the money being lost to make the case for the DOE’s battery electric ideology.

According to Reuters, GM may be losing as much as $49,000 on each Chevy Volt. Furthermore, consumers are spending $5,000 via the lease option to drive a $89,000 car. And if the initial number isn’t bad enough, it doesn’t include the cost of replacing the battery after 2 years. Why would you purchase a vehicle lease for a car with a $16,000 battery replacement charge hanging over it and no public-charging stations.

Zachary Alexander