Sustainability provides New Opportunities for Small Fleet Owners

By Zachary Alexander on

Enabling economic sustainability in the United States will create new demand for small business owners. Techno economic change based on sustainability needs to start at the grassroots level. The reason is because disruptive innovation requires new businesses that can make a meal on small cost structures. Incumbents are wedded to their cost structures and it’s very difficult to get by with less.

On the other hand, mainstream commentators are still focused on the whims of energy sector dinosaurs (i.e., big coal, big oil, and big nuclear power) because they sponsor delaying activities. This is not to say that all transnational corporations are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are companies that either can’t or won’t change their business models in reaction to techno economic events.

The good news for economic developers is that hydrogen convergence provides a framework for enabling sustainability based on disruptive innovation. While other sustainability measures which are based on shaming business executives into doing the right thing which never works. Hydrogen Convergence is designed using concepts that led to the rapid deployment of commercial Internet infrastructure.

Most economic developers will agree that new industry clusters tend to grow up around new infrastructure. And by definition, new industry clusters will lead to new job creation. If small fleet owners are like most small businesses they will see the most benefits from techno economic changes like sustainability because small companies don’t have legacy solutions to protect.

Zachary Alexander