Horizon Fuel Cell promises Larger Open-Source Solutions

By Zachary Alexander on

Today, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies announced that it will be adding to ITM Power’s tactical hydrogen electrolyzer to their product mix. Now, a lot of very serious people would have the announcement of greater availability of tactical hydrogen infrastructure. However, we at the ebTDesign Forum suggest that you and your peers consider why Horizon Fuel Cell needs tactical hydrogen infrastructure as part of their product mix.

The answer is that they will need tactical hydrogen production for larger open-source hydrogen convergence solutions. Before the IBM PC, truly open-systems computers were just a pipe dream. Now there are third party or white label vendors everywhere. The decreased costs for computer components provided a platform for entrepreneurs to the open-source software which led to commercialization of the Internet.

As you know the workforce in the United States is aging and there is competition for young workers. The energy sector has a rough time competing for talented young people because it has a poor reputation for innovation. The problem is young people want to do something that makes a difference. They want to be innovative. Lowering the costs of hydrogen convergence building blocks will bring innovation into the energy sector.

Zachary Alexander