Hyundai confirms 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Production Run

By Zachary Alexander on

It was just a matter of time before a second car maker would start hydrogen fuel cell production lines. According to Jae Young Shim, a senior research engineer, Hyundai has set a date for limited production next year (i.e. just in time for the 2012 Olympics). Hyundai joins Mercedes-Benz which has already started to lease its F-Cell vehicles in California. Unlike Mercedes, Hyundai appears to be concentrating on the EU.

While many very serious people will tell you that nothing will come of Hyundai’s actions because the future belongs to battery electric vehicles (EV). We at the ebTDesign Forum suggest that you and your peers consider this as just another example of the techno economic change that is underway in the energy sector. And, why hydrogen convergence will be a major source of disruptive innovation in the near-term (i.e. three to five years).

Zachary Alexander