Why hosting 2012 Olympic Offset Parties makes Sense

By Zachary Alexander on

Last month, the London 2012 Olympic Organizers dropped their plan to buy certified carbon credits to partially offset the carbon emissions that will be produced by holding the sporting events and other festivities. The organizers chose to reduce the carbon emissions at the source by changing behaviors rather than buying a “get out of jail free card.” You and your peers can do the same by hosting Olympic Offset Parties.

At their most basic, hosting Olympic Offset Parties means using personal best practices to reduce the carbon footprint of your home while watching the 2012 Olympic events. Obviously, the more people you invite to join you and your family the better. If your spouse or roommates don’t see the value, we suggest that you tell them to think of it like “carpooling for flat screens” and because it benefits the environment.

For advocates of hydrogen convergence, we at the ebTDesign Forum suggest you think of it as creating an “Olympic Size Tipping Point” that showcases the benefits of fuel cell technologies. Much larger events can be planned that utilize fuel cell technologies to produce highly targeted smart grids. You and your peers are still “carpooling for flat screens” while laying the foundation for saving the planet.

Zachary Alexander