JOBS Dilemma: A Referendum on the Future

By Zachary Alexander on

There has been an uproar over remarks made by President Barack Obama this weekend on the need to stop grumbling about what could have been. This leads many mainstream commentators to mischaracterize the 2012 United States Presidential Election as referendum on President Obama. We at the ebTDesign Forum suggest you and your peers consider the 2012 Election to be a referendum on your future.

Based on the debate over whether to cut funding for renewable energy programs, you can glimpse a future under the Republican Party that would continue the fossil fuel debt spiral instead of supporting hydrogen convergence. All forms of renewable energy can be used to produce hydrogen so any decision to cut funding for renewable energy programs is an indirect cut in funding for hydrogen convergence.

This election will frame the JOBS (i.e., jobs or business security) Dilemma for years to come and potentially cripple job growth. As you know, business security is based on generating new demand. So, the 2012 Election will be about investing in the future or pulling the covers over our heads and waiting for better times. It’s about electing people who will work with you to take action rather than praying for someone else to take the lead during challenging times.

Zachary Alexander