Time to explore Hydrogen as a Hyperlocal Energy Source

By Zachary Alexander on

The world has gotten smaller and more integrated post-Globalization but economic success may depend on the capacity to offer hyperlocal solutions. Internet technology has made it very easy for information to move around the world. However, that same technology makes it easy for local merchants to offer special discounts for those passing through their community. This same kind of solution is needed for energy markets.

We at the ebTDesign Forum suggest that you and your peers consider the impact that this quest for hyperlocal options will have on the hydrogen convergence movement. If you ignore the spam concerning “hydrogen on demand” or “energy from water,” hydrogen convergence provides very real opportunities for local communities to come together to satisfy their energy needs.

Recently, we have talked with you about hydrogen production via photocatalysts and microbial electrolysis. Both of these solutions represent hyperlocal options for satisfying electrical energy demand for lesser industrialized communities. Lost in discussions about the potential value of renewable energy is the loss of value from tourism. Simply put, transmission lines destroy the aesthetic experience that eco-tourists want to buy.

Zachary Alexander