Using Industry Cluster Empowerment for Hydrogen Convergence

By Zachary Alexander on

We at the ebTDesign Forum have been talking to all the major automakers this summer about when they are going to introduce hydrogen cars. They committed to the United States Congress that they would be ready for mass production of hydrogen cars by 2015. But they are starting to coalesce around the potential of limited production by 2012 in order to increase demand for their 2015 launch.

As architects, we at the ebTDesign Forum are always in discovery mode. We are trying find impediments to entrepreneurship. Once we get a better understanding of the true nature of these impediments, we then design building blocks so we can use them later during the industry cluster empowerment process. We also develop  semantic viewpoints that can be used to explicitly capture the needs, wants, and relationships of major program stakeholders.

We at the ebTDesign Forum are engaged to help communities, either within a region or within a company, increase their capacity for innovation. So, we want to be working on a solution, not fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch. If we listen between the lines we can generally hear the faint whispers of challenges that might be years away from breaking through the surface and that’s where we are with hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen convergence does not use industry cluster empowerment the way we normally use this economic growth framework. So we have had to make some minor adjustments to the framework. Normally, we help communities find their own little patch of ground or piece of disruptive innovation to concentrate on. With hydrogen convergence, we are trying to make every community an energy producer.

Zachary Alexander